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Are YOU ready to improve your health and fitness?

Jonathan Lee qualified with Premier Training in October 2004. Since then, he has gained much experience and developed new and exciting skills to help all walks of life, striving ultimately to help them achieve their individual goals, improve their health and wellbeing and quality of life.

I believe that each & every individual has the ability to not only achieve their goals, but to excel & set new ones. A positive mind makes positive decisions, which can only lead to positive results. With this in mind, coupled with a strong motivation & a will to succeed, Jonathan Lee Fitness Training will give YOU the GREEN light to better health.

Jonathan Lee

Founder of Jonathan Lee Fitness Training

Our Facilities

Free Weights

Multiple exercise & training variations, versatile, suitable for all levels of fitness, improves muscular toning & ideal for fat loss.


Ideal for fat loss, toning, strength & stamina building. Fantastic for improving core and stability - they're a staple training tool.

RX Suspension Cables

Help to tone and improves core strength, offers a new and exciting addition to your training,

Bosu & Swiss balls

Brilliant at improving balance & body awareness, helps with toning and fat loss, core activation & posture. A great addition to your training plan.

Medicine Balls

A weighted ball offering a versatile addition to free weights, improves core strength & toning, co-ordination & balance & awareness.

Boxing Bag, Pads & Strike Shield

Helps release stress & improve toning, fat loss & aerobic system. Can use boxing & kickboxing techniques for motivation.

Trampett (Medium & Large)

Providing safe, low impact cardio vascular exercise combined with toning & proprioception benefits - a fun very way to train.

Mini Hurdles, Coloured Markers & Coloured Hoops

Plyometic training with quick explosive movements, to increase speed, power, stamina & endurance.